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Brand: EZ Detail
List Price: $24.99
I can't even count the number of different types of brushes, scrubbers, sponges, woolies and methods I tried out to clean the backs of wheels. Wine glass cleaning brushes, so-called spoke brushes that had metal surfaces, towels taped to sticks... the list goes on. I tried everything.When I first saw the EZ Detail Brush I was skeptical. I had tried other brushes of similar design before, but they weren't ... morewithout flaw. Bristles were too stiff for me to be comfortable using on expensive wheels, or they were too soft to do any good on dirty ones. Bristles were too long, too short; I swear I was starting to think that I was just being too picky, looking for something that didn't exist or was magically impossible to make. Luckily I was wrong.The EZ Detail Brush is really everything that I had been looking for. The bristles are the right length to reach into hard to reach places, and they are stiff enough to clean tough brake dust and road grime safely. The wand is easy to handle and flexible which helps with cleaning hard to reach or difficult to clean parts like brake caliper, spoke backs, and wheel wells. It is durable, safe to use on all wheel types, and even easy to clean. There are no exposed metal surfaces to damage wheels. My search for a wheel cleaning brush is finally over guys. This product is a must in your car washing accessories.
Brand: Simple Solutions
List Price: $18.70
The Grunge Brush is the first specifically designed brush that cleans motorcycle and ATV chains. The Grunge Brush has an innovative design that cleans chain from three angles at once. A long handle keeps fingers away from chain and brush bristles will not harm O-Ring or X-Ring chains. The long bristle side gets into those hard to reach areas. Aluminum Grunge Brush uses 3-sided bristles allowing you ... moreto clean all 4 sides of your chain and the long bristle side lets you clean other parts of your bike like sprockets and wheels. Attractive and long lasting aluminum handle. Easily adjustable for all sizes of motorcycle, ATV, and bicycle chains. Replaceable bristles ensure the Grunge Brush will last a lifetime. Regular component cleaning prevents premature wear and tear on chain and sprockets which assures smooth operation of the drive train.
Brand: ATLIN
List Price: $9.95
The ATLIN Bicycle Spoke Wrench is a must have tool for building, repairing, or truing your cycling wheels. This spoke wrench makes adjusting the tension of the spokes on your bicycle rim a breeze. It is made of durable steel, and is very small and lightweight, so it can easily be carried with you or on your bike. The wrench is 40mm (1.57 inches) in diameter, and weighs in at just 1.7 ounces. This ... moretool packs all of the common nipple sizes into just one wrench. The spoke key will fit over spoke gauges of 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, and 10. The wrench is designed to adjust and tension spoke nipple sizes of 3.23mm, 3.30mm, 3.45mm, 3.96mm, 4.40mm, and 5.00mm. The SAE equivalent of these sizes are as follows: .127 inches, .130 inches, .136 inches, .156 inches, .173 inches, and .197 inches.
Brand: Slime
List Price: $6.99
Warranty: 1 year manufacturer
Color: NULL
Size: 8 Ounce
Slime Tube Sealant prevents and repairs flat tires caused by puncturing objects up to 1/8-inch (3mm) in diameter. Slime works repeatedly to repair new and existing punctures and is guaranteed to perform for up to two years. Slime Tube Sealant seals multiple punctures repeatedly, and is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-aerosol, and also water soluble. This inner tube formulation should ... morenot be used in a tubeless tire. Slime sealants are designed to treat tread area punctures only and should not be used to repair sidewall punctures, snake bites, rim spoke punctures, or gashes from metal or glass.
Brand: Luditek
List Price: $14.99
Color: Silver
Size: Bike Cassette Removal Tool
The direction of the removal of the fly cover is just the same as that of the flywheel spin, by this way it can be fixed so that it can be removed smoothly. The tool works very well. The handle is longer and the force is better. The end plastic is antiskid and won't hurt the hand. The front end is also made of medium and high grade chains. It is good to grip and not easy to hurt. ... more
Good hand feeling, convenient disassembly, etc., and is especially suitable for bike shop and personal maintenance bicycles. With it, disassembly and cleaning are very convenient and effective.

Package Includes:

1x Bicycle Chain Whip Wheel Sprocket Remove Tool
1x auxiliary wrench
Brand: Anndason
List Price: $14.99
Specification: Material: Plastic+ Coral velvet Color: Orange + Blue Size: Chain Cleaning Brush Tool:25.5*6*3.2cm; Tire brush: 16.5x9x6cm(Length*Width*Height); Integrated brush: 26.5(Length); Corner brush: 22.5cm(Length); Wheel sickle hook: 22cm(Length) ; Crevice brush: 22cm(Length) ... more

-- Bike Chain Scrubber:Super Plastic
-- Tire Scrubber: Super stiff and flared bristles
-- Tarpered Detailing Brush: Super stiff bristles
-- Wheel Brush: Super stiff bristles
-- Sprocket Scraper: Plastic
-- Sprocket Brush: Super stiff bristles
-- Bike clean mitt: Terry Cloth and Coral Velvet
Usage: for all kinds of bikes: Mountain Bike, Road Bike, City Bike, Hybrid Bike, BMX Bike and Folding Bike

Package includes:
1 ×Bike Chain Scrubber
1 ×Chain Cleaning Brush
1 × Tire Scrubber
1 × Tarpered Detail Brush
1 × Wheel Brush
1 × Sprocket Scraper
1 × Sprocket Brush
1 × Bike clean mitt
Brand: Orange Seal
List Price: $10.39
Color: One Color
Size: 8 oz
Orange Seal Tubeless Tire Sealant is compatible with most bike tire systems and is nature-friendly. Whether you’re a beginner, expert, or somewhere in-between you will benefit from its proven ability to seal punctures. We have developed our new Orange Seal Injection System for easy sealant injection. Comes in 4 oz and 8 oz sizes.
List Price: $4.95
Color: Blue
HitPro Motorcycle & Bike Chain Cleaner - Make Your Bike Chain Happy For Once... Manner: ABS Plastic Bristles: Nylon Provides Protection for the Riders Colour: Blue Total Length: 10 inch (25cm) 3-Sided Bristle Brush Width: 1.2'' (32mm); Brush Length: 1.3'' (34mm); Bristle length: 0.4'' (10mm) ... more
End Brush Length (Bristle): 2.2'' (56mm)
Brand: NSpring
List Price: $18.99
Our Brand Story NSpring is an outdoor products company. A group of young people established it, who love the nature and the freedom. They make every endeavour to provide the products which can let everyone feel free and hopeful. NSpring is everyone's New Spring. Product description: ... more
The bike repair tool kit is a practical gift for the cyclists.
Moreover, it not only can be used in bicycle repair, but also used in daily household appliance maintenance work.
16 in 1 Repair Tool Kit:
Inner hexagon wrench/ allen Wrench: 2/2.5/3/4/5/6 mm
Socket Spanner: 8/9/10 mm
Flat wrench: 8/10/15/14 mm
Slot type screwdriver
Phillips screwdriver
Sleeve extension rod
Spoke wrench
Material: Carbon steel + ABS
Weight: 10oz

Package included:
1*16 in 1 Repair Tool
2* nylon prying rod
4* glueless tire tube patches (diameter:25mm, no glue and easy to stick)
1* metal RASP
1* black nylon tool bag

Quality assurance: 100% Money back
If you have any dissatisfaction with the bike tools kit, pls let us know at any time,we will resend a new one or return full money to you.
Brand: Tfwadmx
List Price: $11.99
Color: black
Product : Wrench tool Color : black  Material : carbon steel  Size : 11" x 2" x 0.3"  Package : 1 x Wrench tool
Brand: Finish Line
List Price: $8.99
Color: Original Version
Size: 5-Ounce
Clipless pedals require regular maintenance for optimum performance and long component life. Finish Line Pedal & Cleat Lubricant sprays on to fully and evenly coat all frictional surfaces and is engineered to ensure fast engagements and smooth releases every time. Thanks to a 100% dry-to-the-touch micro-thin coating, there is no oily, greasy film or unwanted stain when you walk around in your shoes. ... more

Pedal & Cleat Lubricant is formulated specifically with DuPont Teflon fluoropolymer and surface bonding resins to create an ultra slick, protective dry film. This film does not absorb abrasive contaminants, which reduces friction, prevents annoying squeaks and premature wear. It also helps prevent corrosion by repelling moisture.

Pedal & Cleat Lubricant was designed and formulated to maximize the performance of any pedal and cleat system and is so effective that it is factory approved by Speedplay.
Brand: Park Tool
List Price: $10.99
Color: Regular
Size: 4/5/6mm
Park Tool introduced the bicycle world to the 3-way hex wrench set over 30 years ago. Our 3-way wrenches fit perfectly in the palm of the hand and provide excellent leverage, making them a favorite of countless shop mechanics worldwide.
Brand: WOTOW
List Price: $8.99
Warranty: NA
A must have bike repair kits for cyclists, a ideal Christmas gift for bike lovers, especially for cycling beginners or teenagers to DIY their bike maintain. The 16 in 1 bike tool kits including Socket Hex Wrench 8/9/10/mm, Slotted Screwdriver, Phillips Screwdriver, Socket Extension Rod, Solid Wrench 8/10/15/mm, Hex Key Wrench 2/2.5/3/4/5/6mm, Spoke Wrench. It is portable and durable, help you never ... moreto be stuck in the middle of no where.

16 in 1 Repair Tool Kit:
.Allen Wrench:2/2.5/3/4/5/6 mm
.Socket Wrench:8/9/10 mm
.Slot type screwdriver
.Phillips screwdriver
.Socket extension rod
.Flat wrench 8/10/15 mm
.Inner hexagon spanner 3/4/5/2/2.5/6 mm
.Spoke wrench

Tire Pry Bar:
1. The inside of the reinforcing structure, more solid, more durable
2. The material is more rigid, inflexible, pry the tire can save time.
3. the more a non-slip pattern, tire pry more handy!
4. The non-slip pattern and the inside of the tire rods can be combined to another branch, fight together, easy to carry.

Package included:
1*16 in 1 Repair Tool Kit
3*Tire Pry Bars
1*Extral 4mm allen wrench (To Fasten or Loosen the Hinges of the Tool Kit)
List Price: $56.99
Bring the Work to You Say goodbye to the days of doing bike repairs on the ground or using your shower rod as a makeshift repair rack. With this pro bike repair stand by SONGMICS, you can elevate your bike to a convenient level for easy access, making your repairs and maintenance less strenuous and more enjoyable. When you need to bring your work on the go, simply open the quick release handle, fold ... moreit up and store it in your car-it's that easy!
Wide-Ranging Ability
This bike stand is able to hold up to 66 lb, which is perfect for a variety of road or mountain bikes. The soft plastic clamp with quick release handle will fit tubes ranging from 1-1.6 inch in size and rotates 360 degrees-ideal for the top bar or seat post. You can also raise the durable iron post anywhere from 39.8-67.3 H, depending on your needs or height.
- Color: Black, Red
- Material: Iron, Plastic
- Product Size: 39.4"L x 39.4"W (100 x 100 cm)
- Product Height Range: 39.8-67.3"H (101-171 cm)
- Product Weight: 13.6 lb (6.2 kg)
- Max. Load Capacity: 66 lb (30 kg)
Package Contents:
- 1 x Bike Repair Stand
- 1 x Magnetic Tool Tray
- 1 x Instructions
- When adjusting the height, don't exceed the marked position on the tube and keep the mark unexposed.
- Before moving the repair stand, please remove your bicycle.
- During repair or assembly, do not move the 4 legs of this stand.
Brand: Crankbrothers
List Price: $24.45
Color: Silver
Size: Multi 19
Tool Type: Mini- / Multitool Material: Tool: 6150 Hi-Ten Steel Additional Information: 2 star screw drivers 2 flat screw drivers 8-10mm spanner weight: 175g + 40g for cover size: 90x55mm in the cover high quality performance including stainless steel cover with plastic closure Chain Breaker... more
spoke key ( 4 sizes)
Torx 25
Brand: Crankbrothers
List Price: $25.19
Color: Silver
Size: Multi 17
Since 1997, our design philosophy has been simple: start with a clean slate, and finish with a product that makes each ride better than the last. From humble beginnings in a Laguna Beach garage, we've grown into a globally recognized and leading brand of pedals, wheels, dropper posts, pumps, tools, and accessories. Tested and proven by world-class athletes, we engineer mountain bike components that ... moredeliver superior function through disruptive design.
Brand: Squirt
List Price: $13.95
Size: 4 oz
100% biodegradable wax lubeFirst application should be to clean, degreased chainSubsequent applications require no cleaning or degreasing Item SpecificationsOunces4

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